Three phase 400V bluetooth HF charger

NE Link App: putting the power of charging in the palm of your hand.

Experience the Freedom

Long-Range Bluetooth Connection: Connect with your charger from a distance, giving you the freedom to manage your charging stations with ease.

Easy Data Management

Monitor Everything: real-time monitoring of current, voltage, energy, and power parameters-keeping you informed at all times.

Real-Time Insights

Quick Data Access: Our full-archive data download feature ensures you get the information you need, when you need it.

Enhance Analysis

Data Visualization: easy-to-understand graphs and statistics, allowing you to make informed decisions.

PDF Reports: Generate comprehensive PDF reports for a detailed analysis of your charging patterns.

Remote Convenience

Parameters on the Go: Adjust charger parameters remotely, offering unparalleled convenience and control.

Firmware Updates: Keep your charger up-to-date with remote firmware updates, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Share the Power

Share your charging data across multiple devices.