Heavy Duty-GSE Three phase 400V HF charger

Heavy Duty-GSE Three phase 400V HF charger for harsh environments. Suitable for the recharge of wet/gel/lithium batteries (24 to 96V) . Max output current 120amp.Also available with pump for electrolyte circulation batteries. The IP 54 cabinet ensures the components inside the unit are protected from the elements. Temperature compensation keeping the electronics safe from moisture. Advanced filtering/ventilation system.

Technical Feautures

  • Battery/charger voltage mismatch discrimination
  • Deep discharge warning
  • Random delay start after connection
  • Time-of-Day Start feature
  • Multi-ampere-hour capability
  • Assign specific battery capacity (Ah)
  • User selectable output curves (Pb/gel)
  • Safety timer
  • Thermal cut-out
  • Equalising charge (fixed 10h)
  • Programmable Equalising Charge
  • Delay Equalising
  • Maintenance charge
  • Final current programming feature
  • Max power programming feature
  • Precharge stage
  • Adjustable gassing point
  • Extra length charging cable
  • Adjustable charge factor
  • Battery disconnect shutdown
  • Weekly schedule
  • LCD Display
  • Multi Language display
  • Display with adjustable brightness
  • Charge cycle review
  • Error Display Indication
  • Instantaneous AC power absorption (kW)
  • Input Kilowatt hour feature (kWh)
  • Energy meter with total counter and archive function
  • LED’s indication of charge status
  • Scheduled maintenance management
  • AC fail recovery protection
  • Restore factory setting
  • Password Protection
  • Archive Function (2500 Cycles)
  • USB interface
  • Test Mode
  • Battery Regeneration Mode

Optional features

  • Battery Temperature Compensation
  • Display Battery temperature
  • Safe Disconnect – Anti Arcing
  • Automatic Refill Control
  • Cool Battery Detector
  • External Lamp