Single phase 230V (RPM2) and Three phase 400V (RTM2) 50Hz taper charger

Single phase 230V (RPM2) and Three phase 400V (RTM2) 50Hz taper charger with Wa recharge profile suitable for wet batteries . Available from 12 to 96V. Max output current 200amp. Smart Proportional gassing ensures the battery receives the correct amount of charge whatever the operation. Wide rage covering all typical material handling application.

Technical features

  • Wa charging mode, in compliance with curve DIN 41774
  • recharge time as low as 8hours, making it suitable for multishift operations, and up to 11h for overnight charging
  • start delay: diagnostics check for correct battery and state of battery
  • pre-charging mode (1h); detection system ensuring prevention of overcharging and charge inhibit for excessively  verdischarged batteries
  • desulphating charge
  • proportional Charge
  • Pulsed equalising mode
  • maintenance charge
  • microprocessor controlled and multi-voltage pc board
  • charging progress display
  • all stages are monitored and covered by security systems
  • reliability and quality gained from years of design experience


  • Pre-Charging: preventing overcharging of fully charged batteries and inhibit charge for over discharged batteries.
  • Bulk charge: battery is charged until the gassing voltage (2,40 VPC).
  • Proportional Charge: gassing charged duration governed by Bulk charge duration, to compensate for the degree of discharge.
  • Equalising: bringing all cells to a fully charged condition; equalising mode will follow the end of charge.
  • Maintenance Charge: maintaining the battery in a fully charged condition when it is stood out of service.


Off switch: the unit is automatically switched off by pushing the button. Charging cannot be resumed.

Overall charge time: 16h charging if charger sequence malfunctions. Malfunction of charging sequence is indicated by illumination of a red diode.

RPM2/RTM2 is protected against faults or incorrect battery connection. The unit incorporates a self-diagnostic system in the event of the following:

  • overdischarged battery detection
  • battery disconnect shutdown
  • thermal cut-out
  • maintenance charge shutdown
  • phase failure detection