Caricabatteria Alta frequenza monofase 230Vac e trifase 400Vac

Caricabatteria Alta frequenza monofase 230Vac e trifase 400Vac per la carica di batterie al Litio con tensioni da 24 a 96V. Correnti fino a 360A, CANbus isolato per la comunicazione con BMS, protocollo di comunicazione personalizzabile. Disponibile con antiarco e I/O ausiliari.


  • Suitable for any lithium battery chemistries
  • CAN bus communication for lithium BMS will ensure efficient and fast charging
  • Adjustable Baud Rate
  • Proprietary protocol available
  • Peak Efficiency: 94%
  • Single phase input voltage 230 V 10% – 50/60 Hz with active PFC
  • Three phase input voltage 400 V +/-10% – 50/60 Hz
  • LED’s indicating state of charge
  • Custom designed LCD display solution that matches any exact requirement
  • Suitable for wall fixing
  • Robust metal construction
  • Forced air-cooling
  • Suitable for Opportunity Charging
  • Reverse battery protection protects the charger from damage resulting from improper battery lead connection
  • ZVS delivers filtered DC power to the Lithium Ion Batteries to ensure their built-in electronic balancing circuits operate properly
  • Automatic thermal shutdown when charger temperature exceeds pre-set limits and protects charger from damage due to excessive heat
  • Safe Disconnect-Anti Arcing
  • Programmable Built-In Voltage Hardware Protection
  • Sophisticated Control of Minimum Charge Current
  • Fast response to current regulation requirements
  • Auxiliary I/O for special requirements (battery wake-up, charger ready, fault condition delivery,…)
  • Emergency charge