OPTIMUS is a remote fleet management system with battery identificator.

A widescreen LCD panel in the charging room returns information about next available battery, thus to ensure optimal charge cycles and improving battery rotation / FIFO system. Alert notifications to be received on three email adresses.
Collect data and manage your charger fleet through the touch-screen control panel.
Manage your fleet from any browser, desktop or mobile device through LAN connection, Wifi, Sim card and from the cloud.

Improve battery rotation

  • Improper Rotation is a leading cause of REDUCED BATTERY RUN TIME and REDUCED BATTERY LIFE.
  • Most forklift drivers are too busy and often take the first available battery. This will lead to an overuse of batteries closest to the front.
  • Overused batteries can’t carry a full charge when they are sent into service. Without a full charge, the battery only provides a fraction of its potential output.
  • Over utilized batteries do not have time to cool and become overheated leading to a shortened life.
  • OPTIMUS tells Warehouse Staff exactly which battery should be used ensuring an ideal charge and the proper battery rotation.

Features and benefits

  • Increased battery lifetime
  • Increased battery run time
  • Faster battery changes
  • FIFO system
  • Energy management reduce your costs
  • Reduced downtime through automatic alerts
  • Monitor widescreen LCD showing next available battery and status information.
  • Battery Identificator
  • Touch screen control panel displaying fleet conditions in real time and manage charging parameters, alerts…
  • Ability to download fleet info from the internet
  • Comprehensive Reporting