Battery discharge indicators

Battery discharge indicators

Features common to all tools

  • Battery voltage from 12 to 96V
  • Electrical connections by means of 6.3 faston contacts
  • Dimensions (DxL): 52 × 40 mm

Low battery warning:
6 LED charge status indication with microcontroller logic and dynamic algorithm Low battery indicator with fork lock: 6 LED charge indication; 3A lifting block relay with red LED display; calibration of the block threshold on 10 pre-established levels

Low battery warning with fork lock and LED check:
6 LED charge indication; 3A lifting block relay with red LED display; calibration of the block threshold on 10 pre-established levels; check control LED to display the operating status of the traction chopper

Low battery warning with fork lock, hour meter and LCD display:
charge indication by means of 6 symbols on the LCD display; 3A fork lock relay with red LED on the dial; hour counter function with 1/10 h resolution (maintenance hour counter function on request); fork lock threshold calibration on 10 pre-established levels

Direction indicator:
steering position indication by 9 LEDs; differentiated signaling in case of exact centering of the steering; potentiometric type position transducer (not supplied with the instrument); fully guided calibration procedure


OPTIMUS is a remote fleet management system with battery identificator.

A widescreen LCD panel in the charging room returns information about next available battery, thus to ensure optimal charge cycles and improving battery rotation / FIFO system. Alert notifications to be received on three email adresses.
Collect data and manage your charger fleet through the touch-screen control panel.
Manage your fleet from any browser, desktop or mobile device through LAN connection, Wifi, Sim card and from the cloud.

Improve battery rotation

  • Improper Rotation is a leading cause of REDUCED BATTERY RUN TIME and REDUCED BATTERY LIFE.
  • Most forklift drivers are too busy and often take the first available battery. This will lead to an overuse of batteries closest to the front.
  • Overused batteries can’t carry a full charge when they are sent into service. Without a full charge, the battery only provides a fraction of its potential output.
  • Over utilized batteries do not have time to cool and become overheated leading to a shortened life.
  • OPTIMUS tells Warehouse Staff exactly which battery should be used ensuring an ideal charge and the proper battery rotation.

Features and benefits

  • Increased battery lifetime
  • Increased battery run time
  • Faster battery changes
  • FIFO system
  • Energy management reduce your costs
  • Reduced downtime through automatic alerts
  • Monitor widescreen LCD showing next available battery and status information.
  • Battery Identificator
  • Touch screen control panel displaying fleet conditions in real time and manage charging parameters, alerts…
  • Ability to download fleet info from the internet
  • Comprehensive Reporting



BMHE BLE Battery Monitor

BMHE BLE is a battery diagnostics tool developed specifically to meet the needs of motive battery systems.

This BATTERY MONITOR tracks and logs various battery performance data including battery voltage, temperature, current and amp-hours of charge and discharge. Maintaining records to monitor battery, age and performance has never been easier! Batteries cannot be properly maintained without routine record keeping.

The NE LINK App (available from the Play Store and Apple Store for free) allows data collection from the battery monitor. It also analyze and manage fleet performance through advanced data analytics.

Free download • NE LINK

Technical features

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection
  • operating voltage range: 24-96V
  • battery capacity 100Ah – 1500Ah
  • operating temperature: 5-60°C degrees
  • dimensions: 175 x 50 x 45 mm


  • our NE-LINK App enables data sharing with mobile phones or
  • automatically generates reports in PDF format
  • easy installation
  • suitable for all battery technologies
  • battery temperature sensor (optional)
  • voltage imbalance notification (optional)
  • can store up to 2500 cycles (1 cycle = charge + discharge)
  • graphic display of charging cycles made in the last nine months
  • function key to display (LED) operating conditions
  • tracks battery performances (voltage, current, temperature)
  • fleet management